Texting – Epilogue

Will the last text be the one that is most cherished?

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2 Responses to Texting – Epilogue

  1. Winnie Mitchell says:

    This is basically what my late husband said to me before getting in the car to go to the Mall. He never made it. It was the day before our 30th wedding anniversary. I was recuperating from recent major surgery and couldn’t drive to the hospital. My son happened to be there with me and drove me. The Lawrence police never called me or came by the house to see if he had relatives to notify and his wallet was missing a large amount of cash. The hospital finally tracked me down and called. Please make sure you never forget to say “I love you.” when you leave. I’m glad he did. Also, make sure you have a “IN CASE OF” number somewhere on your person or wallet or purse. I still miss him at times and it’s been years.

  2. Larry says:

    Sad story but great advice.

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