Deadlines 05.03.12

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5 Responses to Deadlines 05.03.12

  1. joolzbeth49 says:

    I had this exact reaction when I heard the story about the bodies in Saugus: Now WHY was it that I turned on the radio?

  2. LCP1 says:

    Despite the fact that we are inundated with stories related to death and dying we are still unable, as a society, to discuss these issues openly. Why? And, if you were wondering, I see ‘deadlines’ all the time but I only create strips with them when I there seems to be one too many for any given day. I recently read that we are most affected with the number of deaths exceeds 100 but only if the deaths occur locally. Up to 1000 deaths in far lands affect us less or not at all. Interesting.

  3. joolzbeth49 says:

    We human beings are creatures of limited imagination and unlimited powers of denial.

  4. cbcopp says:

    Did you hear his interview with Terry Gross? I think he said this with her too…very touching! I’m enjoying this strip…

    • LCP1 says:

      The reference to the Gross interview is included in the last panel of the strip. Awesome interview. Glad you are enjoying EOL2die4, pass it along to those who you think may benefit from reading it.

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