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3 Responses to Stages

  1. joolzbeth49 says:

    I agree with “reluctant” and “incomplete,” but I question “shallow.” I think I know what you’re getting at, but I think that “shallow” has negative connotations that belittle the dying person’s effort to reach acceptance at all. I think that some individuals reluctantly reach acceptance that is incomplete in that, if their terminal diagnosis were reversed, the person would instantly be overcome with happiness and would have to go through the process (or parts of it) all over again to regain “acceptance” status. But I wouldn’t describe their original acceptance as “shallow”; it’s too hard won to be shallow.

  2. LCP1 says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. As I review the post, I can now see that it is not obvious that these stages are experienced by someone who is grieving as opposed to someone who is dying. That someone really does not Accept a loss, even after a long period of time, is what led me to choose the descriptor “shallow”; as in a shallow acceptance.

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