Larry is a microbiologist who has spent over 20 years developing a vaccine against a bacterial pathogen that affects humans including newborns.  While developing this vaccine, he thought not only about the at-risk population but also of the family members of those stricken by the disease.  Thus, if the vaccine were effective, many, including those that do not have the disease, would benefit.

He is also interest in the sociology of health and illness, including attitudes towards issues related to all types of preventative measures, of the aging process and of personal and societal attitudes towards end of life care and the end of life itself.

EOL was conceived as a mechanism to promote discussion of these issues in a real, and at times, lighthearted way.

He resides in Massachusetts surrounded by family and friends.

2 Responses to About

  1. Wes Bartholomew says:

    I’m 75 years old, and except for having had maybe a half-dozen colds in my life, I’ve been extremely fortunate. I’m living what I call a drug-free life, except for an occasional aspirin to chase some arthritic pain away. I enjoy walking… and can comfortably take a 3 or 4 mile walk, and feel wonderful afterward.
    I agree. Dying is a part of our lives. I definitely do not intend on living any portion of my life drugged up, or anything of that nature. And I agree again… My only fear of dying is that of suffering pain.
    I’m very happy to have accidentally discovered your blog … via Death With Dignity

    • LCP1 says:

      Wow Wes, you are doing very well! Keep up the good work and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Tell others about it, they may find it helpful.

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